Specialized body for standardization practice NOP

This specialized body has the following responsibilities:

  • promotion of cooperation and exchange of experience among the users of standards in Switzerland;
  • raising the profile of standardization as an important resource available to society and businesses;
  • exchange of experience on matters of standardization in a very general sense through personal contacts at conferences;
  • continuous exchange of experience on matters of standardization by means of electronic tools and media;
  • temporary project groups for the production of aids required by members;
  • forum for feedback from users to the SNV;
  • communication of user needs to the SNV;
  • arranging experts to give training courses;
  • arranging and holding specialist presentations;
  • presentations on matters of standardization in general;
  • presentations on strategic issues with implications for implementation of standards;
  • presentations aimed at promoting the value attached to standardization by society and business;
  • support for training in matters of standardization at all levels of industry and society;
  • cooperation with other specialized divisions in Switzerland as well as with ANP-N in DIN, AGN-ON and CSSTN-CSI.

This body’s services and programme include:

  • publication of relevant documents on SNV Livelink
  • possibility for debate on SNV Livelink
  • periodic committee meetings to debate current affairs

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