SNV update subscription

Would you like to save time rather than to take care of updating and managing your standards? We will support you with our SNV update subscriptions:

Our monthly subscription service monitors, and notifies you of, changes to your stock of standards. You will receive update versions automatically against invoice. Following every change, you will be sent an updated CD featuring your complete stock of documents. Since those CDs do not carry any standards other than currently applicable ones, they also include an info file listing any standards withdrawn from your stock, and indicating replacement references

The data of the SNV-Update-CD can be automatically imported via e-Norm or Perinorm.

Rates per document / year: CHF 4.-

Print Version: SNV-Update-Hardcopy

The PLUS in the name of this subscription indicates that you will automatically receive paper copies of amended or substituted standards on the basis of the stock of standards you will have identified for regular review beforehand.

Rates per document / year: CHF 4.-

Just the information: SNV Update-Info
This subscription features regular updating and reviewing of your corporate stock of National, European and International Standards (SNSN
Swiss Standard
European Standard
International Organization for Standardization
respectively). The results of our standards reviews are communicated in the form of information only. We will not supply amended or substituted standards.

Rates per document / year: CHF 6.-

Online management of your subscription
Registered customers can manage their subscription online.

General terms and conditions

  • A minimum period of 12 months applies to SNV update CD, SNV update Hardcopy and SNV update Info subscriptions. This period is renewed automatically unless notice is given to terminate a subscription no less than 3 months prior to expiry.
  • An invoice for your subscription will be sent to you once your initial list of documents has been established and reviewed.
  • The minimum scope of a subscription is CHF 50.00 per annum.
  • All prices excluding VAT and subject to change.

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