SWISSMEM NK 13 / Stahl-Werkstoffe und Halbfabrikate

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Irene Blatter

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Stahl-Werkstoffe und Halbfabrikate:Normung von Stahlwerkstoffen und Stahl-Halbfabrikaten.

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      • NKNK
        0013 Stahl-Werkstoffe und Halbfabrikate

      01 Bezeichnungen, Begriffsbestimmungen
      02 Gütenormen
      03 Massnormen
      04 Schmiedestücke

      Spiegelgremien zu ISOISO
      International Organization for Standardization
      und CENCEN
      Europäisches Komitee für Normung
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      Comité correspondant aux comités ISOISO
      International Organization for Standardization
      et CENCEN
      Europäisches Komitee für Normung
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      CEN TC 407 - Project Committee - Cylindrical helical springs made from round wire and bar - Calculation and design
      ECISS TC 100 - General issues
      ECISS TC 103 - Structural steels other than reinforcements
      ECISS TC 105 - Steels for heat treatment, alloy steels, free-cutting steels and stainless steels
      ECISS TC 106 - Wire rod and wires
      ECISS TC 107 - Steels for pressure purposes
      ECISS TC 108 - Steel sheet and strip for electrical applications
      ECISS TC 109 - Coated and uncoated flat products to be used for cold forming
      ECISS TC 14 - Semi finished products - Qualities, dimensions and tolerances
      ECISS TC 6A - Definitions and classification of qualities of steel
      ECISS TC 6B - Definition and classification of steel products by shape and dimensions
      ISO TC 132 - Ferroalloys
      ISO TC 17 - Steel
      ISO TC 17 SC 10 - Steel for pressure purposes
      ISO TC 17 SC 15 - Railway rails, rails fasteners, wheels and wheelsets
      ISO TC 17 SC 17 - Steel wire rod and wire products
      ISO TC 17 SC 20 - General technical delivery conditions, sampling and mechanical testing methods
      ISO TC 17 SC 4 - Heat treatable and alloy steels