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Handover at the top of the SNV Board

The new Chairman of the SNV Board will take over from 1 June 2021. After 10 years as Chairman, Dr Jürg Werner will pass the baton to his successor, Professor Adrian Altenburger.

Photo caption: Dr Werner (left) hands over the office of SNV President to Prof Altenburger (right) at the SNV livestream event.

Dr Jürg Werner

Since his retirement a year ago, Dr Jürg Werner has been kept busy with various administrative board mandates. However, he is convinced that the SNV should be led by a board whose members are still in the middle of their active careers. For this reason, he has decided to hand over the leadership of the SNV to the newly elected Chairman, Professor Adrian Altenburger.

Over the last 18 years, nine of which were spent as the representative for the Electrical Engineering (Electrosuisse) specialized division, one as Vice-President and 10 as Chairman, Dr Werner has led the SNV through highs and lows, successful transformations and exciting projects.

After many years of tireless commitment promoting the Swiss part-time public service system in the SNV and an equally challenging time holding operational and strategic leadership positions in the industry, we would like to thank him on behalf of the SNV Board and the Head Office. We would like to wish Dr Werner all the very best for the next chapter in his life.

Prof. Adrian Altenburger

We are very pleased that the members of the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) have unanimously elected Professor Adrian Altenburger to be the new Chairman of the SNV as of 1 June 2021. Professor Altenburger has been a member of the SNV Board for the last 10 years, representing the Construction (SIA) specialized division, and held the office of Vice-President for five years.

Professor Altenburger completed his training as an HVAC Engineer (Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education) at the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture and also holds a Master of Advanced Sciences (MAS) in Architecture from the Department of Architecture at the ETH Zürich. For many years he was a partner and member of the executive board as well as chairman of the administrative board at Amstein & Walthert AG, one of the biggest planning firms in the construction sector. He is currently Head of the Institute for Building Technology and Energy at the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture.

Professor Altenburger’s calm and reflective personality complements his extensive technical expertise and management experience.

We are very pleased that he is prepared to steer the SNV through new challenges and into the future and would like to wish him success in his new role as SNV Chairman.

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