19.03.2020 // General news

Information from the SNV Head Office regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

On this page, we will provide information on how we are continuing to support you in light of the current situation and the channels that can still be used to contact us.

Our aim is to ensure business continuity. The health of our staff, their families, our customers and service providers are at the centre of this. Given this extraordinary situation, the majority of the SNV employees are working from home.

You can contact us via phone and e-mail .

Meetings will take place subject to prior notice via the web tool Zoom.

Services of the SNV
All of our services, e.g. the SNV online shop , standardization committees and the WTO enquiry point , remain operational.
The SNV Academy is organizing training in the form of online seminars. Participants already registered will receive information on this directly. You can find out about the programmes on offer yourself or on request.

Standards associated with COVID-19

Below you will find a list of standards which contain requirements for aids in connection with COVID-19. These can of course be ordered any time in the SNV online shop. Further down on this page you will find a selection of standards which are available free of charge until further notice.

Respiratory protective devices

Chemical disinfectants

Rubber gloves

Personal eye-protection

Protective clothing

Non-active medical devices

Free ISO standards, viewable free of charge

Further freely available ISO standards can be found here.

Why do standards usually have to be paid for?
Standards are generally paid products. Their users benefit from a range of advantages, including increased efficiency, cost savings, easier market access and a reduced product liability risk. In Switzerland, standardization is a self-regulatory duty of the economy. This ensures that the users of the standards decide which standards are in line with the market conditions. By purchasing standards, users ensure that the SNV can continue, as a non-profit association, to organize efficient and independent private sector standardization services. Get some more information on this page.

Who creates the standards?
Standards are developed by those who will later apply them. To ensure the market accepts these standards, widespread involvement, transparency and consensus are basic principles at the SNV. Anyone can submit an application for standardization. All parties interested in a topic will be given the opportunity to take part and contribute their expertise to the process. Draft standards are made public and debated before being adopted. The experts involved must generally be in agreement on the final content. Standards are reviewed at least every five years to ensure they are in line with the state of the art. Get some more information on this page.

Please get in touch with our staff at the SNV if you have any questions or suggestions.

We wish you all good health and look forward to welcoming you back to Sulzerallee 70 in Winterthur once the situation has eased.

Kind regards
The SNV team

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