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Which subjects can I contribute to?

Standards are developed by standards committees – organized according to specialist topics – of the recognized standardization organizations. All groups interested in producing standards have the opportunity to send experts to these standards committees. The development of European and international standards takes place in CEN or ISO working groups; the opinions on the content are formed in the respective CEN or ISO member countries. We will be happy to invite you to a mirror committee of the SNV or one of the specialist departments, so you can have a lasting influence on the work in your field.

What specialist topic are you interested in?

Protection of Swiss interests

The European and international standardization organizations (CEN and ISO) regularly launch new standardization projects, and for these we are always looking for Swiss specialists and experts who are interested in the field. Our aim is to ensure that Swiss expertise is incorporated in the European and international standards.

New international standardization projects (ISO)

You will find more information about the work programme of the various ISO standards committees (ISO SCs) at:

New European standardization projects (CEN)

You will find more information about the work programme of the various CEN standards committees (CEN SCs) at:

Your technical expertise is in demand

Are you a specialist or an expert and would you like to make your expertise available to your organization, your country and the general public? Would you like to influence the development of national, European and international standards and actively shape them? Then you will be right to participate in a standards committee.

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