Value added

Access to technical committees gives you an edge.

  • You are the first to know about plans to draw up new standards.
  • You influence the development of European and international standards (CENCEN
    European Committee for Standardization
    and ISOISO
    International Organization for Standardization
  • You can comment on standards in your area of expertise.
  • You receive information on the activities of standards bodies relevant to you.
  • You participate in a technical committee in your industry and help to shape the contents of standards. Your own pioneering achievements have a chance of becoming standard.
  • Your time to market for your new products and services is faster because they already conform to the latest standards.
  • You become familiar with the legal background of standards.
  • You achieve amendments to existing standards.
  • You forge international contacts with experts.
  • Your know-how gains the edge over competitors as you already know the ratified texts of standards that you have helped to shape.
  • As a member of a technical committee, you have access to the SNV Livelink information platform, a tool with features that greatly facilitate your standards-related work, such as document management, forums or address files.

“Awareness of future standards enables us to direct product design in good time. We can influence new standards by taking an active part in their development.”
René Scherrer, Leica Geosystems