Benefits and advantages of SNV membership:

  • Access to standards bodies
    Members in categories A1 to A4 and B1 to B4 have access to technical committees (TCs) and thereby actively influence the content of national, European and international standards. Currently there are more than 300 TCs and over 100 interest groups (IGs) working under CENCEN
    European Committee for Standardization
    and ISOISO
    International Organization for Standardization
  • Access to the SNV ISOlutions information platform
    As a TCTC
    Technical Committee
    member, you have access to the SNV ISOlutions information-management portal that gives you unlimited access to all relevant information and processes via the Internet.
  • Draft standards
    You have free access, and can respond, to drafts of technical regulations in the context of EC/EFTA and WTO notification procedures.
  • Advice
    The SNV answers any questions you may have about standardization, quickly and expertly.
  • Information switec – a gazette of technical rules
    Information switec is a complimentary monthly publication that includes information on new and withdrawn standards as well as standards submitted as drafts or for opinions. It is distributed with the newsletter SNV News by e-mail.
  • SNV News
    Our monthly e-newsletter, SNV News, provides you with free, up-to-date information on standardization.
  • Licenses
    You benefit from individual solutions when it comes to license discounts and copyrights.
    Continuing education and events
    You participate in standards workshops, conferences and events on current topics on preferential terms, and are invited to take part in our annual General Meeting of Members, followed by lunch.
  • In addition, SNV members are granted the discounts below:
    −    20% off purchases of standards from the stock of interdisciplinary standards
    −    20% off attendance at a seminar held by the SNV