Standards provide assurance, both in business and in private life, because they make sure that one thing is compatible with the other.

You will encounter standards day by day but they usually go unnoticed. But you clearly feel their positive influence. By the time you leave your house in the morning, numerous standards have made your life safer and more convenient.

  • Your waterproof watch will continue to run after you have had a shower.
  • Your coffee maker and radio will have done their jobs without mutual interference.
  • Windows and doors will have closed smoothly

Without standards, there is no problem-free operation of motor vehicles, electrical appliances, telephones or credit cards, to name but a few. 

In business, standards are just as important.

  • Your subcontractor’s engineering department will know on the basis of which specifications their product can be used in your business processes (e.g. SNSN
    Swiss Standard
  • Tenders from different bidders can be compared because all parties involved are aware of, and take into account, the same general terms and conditions.
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