Specialized body EUROLAB-CH

EUROLAB-CH is the Swiss Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories (member of EUROLAB aisbl).

  • To exchange experience
  • To continuously improve Swiss laboratories’ processes and management systems
  • To represent Swiss laboratories’ interests vis-à-vis authorities and Technical Committees
  • To add value to accreditation

EUROLAB-CH offers:

  • A discussion platform for members to improve their knowledge and procedures
  • Seminars on current topics of accreditation, laboratory management and international regulations
  • A direct line to SAS, SECO, AKKO, METAS, EA, EUROLAB aisbl, EURACHEM, ILAC and other organizations
  • Information for laboratories on important national and international developments in accreditation and laboratory requirements
  • Direct influence through cooperation with national and international bodies


  • EUROLAB-CH is a specialized body of the Swiss Standards Association (SNV)
  • EUROLAB-CH members also benefit from the advantages of SNV memberships


Cooperation with the following organizations: