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Starting in 2020, we will profile a cross section of our experts. We will be focusing on the expertise of the people behind the standards. Find out exactly which subjects the SNV experts work on and how their work results in standards being published. These are just some of the things that will be revealed in the new SNV stories. We hope you enjoy them!

SNV Story No. 11: A common language that transcends national borders

Professor Corinne Gantenbein-Demarchi is Deputy Director of the Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Wädenswil. She also is fully committed to teaching on a voluntary basis at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). She contributes her valuable knowledge as chairperson of standardization committee “INB/NK 172 Food”. Next summer, she will be handing off her leadership position to another committed individual and immediately take on a new project. The SNV spoke with Professor Gantenbein-Demarchi about her diverse range of work.

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SNV Story No. 10: Fabrics that not only dreams are made of

Dr Anne Bonhoff is Head Chemist of UL Retail & Industry. As a recognized expert in pollutants, toxicology, environmental issues, ecological trends and legislation, she drafts and develops tailored solutions for chemicals management and sustainability along the entire supply chain. UL is one of the leading international testing and certification companies, employing more than 14,000 people worldwide. Dr Anne Bonhoff is active in the field of toxic substances in textiles as an expert in the working groups CEN/TC 248/WG 26 (Textiles – Test methods for analysis of EC-restricted substances) and ISO/TC 38/WG 22 (Textiles – Composition and chemical testing). The SNV spoke to her about her impressive and diverse committee work.

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SNV Story No. 9: Ageing also takes place in the mind

What do you think of when you hear the term “elderly person”? A lonely man wearing a tie and hat, sitting on a park bench all day long? Or a friendly grandmother baking apple cake with her grandchildren? A 60-year-old work colleague who still cannot use the new software properly? Or a 70-year-old with a purple-dyed punk haircut and leather jacket, hitting the open road on his motorbike? That last image was not what came to your mind, was it? We spoke with Professor Raymond Saner about ageing, social conventions and his work as an SNV standardization expert.

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SNV Story No. 8: How algae are used to test the quality of our water

For this SNV story, we spoke to biologist Dr Cornelia Kienle. Since childhood, she has been fascinated with water and everything that lives in it. It is therefore unsurprising that, when she was still a girl, she transformed her parents’ pond into a test laboratory and enjoyed biology more than any other subject at school. During her university studies, her interests grew to include marine biology and the effects of pollutants on bodies of water. In her doctoral thesis, she engaged intensively with the influence of oxygenation deficiency and pollutants on the development of fish embryos and larvae. Dr Cornelia Kienle has been working as a scientist at the Ecotox Centre since its foundation in 2008, and is also active as an SNV expert.


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SNV Story No. 7: A preface to the standard clarifies the connections to Swiss law

SNV met with Peter Woysch from the Federal Office of Transport, Department of Safety/Navigation section to discuss his duties in the area of standardization. An expert in the standardization of recreational craft, he went to sea and knows maritime requirements inside out. Today, he works more in the background, checking for any discrepancies between Swiss law and the European (EN) ISO standards on behalf of his office. In the event of such conflicts, the Federal Office of Transport has the possibility of requesting Swiss deviations from EN standards in Annex A.

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SNV Story No. 6: A passion for perfection and safety

Swiss SMEs continue to bring outstanding and unique services to the international market time and time again. And the true pearl and hidden champion that is the Biel-based company DT Swiss is no different. DT Swiss is the global market leader in the field of road and mountain bike wheels; it employs around 600 employees worldwide who manufacture and market high-quality bicycle components. We paid a visit to the in-house DT Swiss test lab to shadow lab director Philipp Lüdi.

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SNV Story No. 5: gaining a competitive advantage thanks to his involvement in standardization

Ivo Ernst is owner and CEO of Consultiv AG, Consultiv Schutzbekleidung Gmbh and FIRELINER® GmbH. He is an SNV expert for more than twenty years. On International Firefighters’ Day, which is celebrated every year on 4 May, we spoke to Ivo Ernst about his work in the field of standardization.

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SNV Story No. 4: Blockchain – multitalent for more efficient energy markets on the road to decarbonization?

The Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) is supporting the development of a new international standard of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the energy market. It is the first blockchain initiative for power generation and trading. Switzerland is at the forefront of this development, and SNV expert Alexandre Juncker is one of the driving forces behind the standard. The SNV asked him to give a short introduction to blockchain.

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SNV Story No. 3: committed to international standardization with her heart and soul

Eliane Galbussera studied chemistry (University of Applied Sciences) and is now the business owner of Quality & Care GmbH. For more than 20 years, the professional life of management consultant Eliane Galbussera has revolved around standards and regulations in one way or another. In 2019 she joined the INB/SC 410 «Quality management and corresponding general aspects for medical devices» as a standards expert. Here is her story, which reveals the career path of a thoroughbred expert.

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SNV Story No. 2: Will we soon be heating with purified used cooking oil?

The Ticino-based environmental scientist Markus Wilke has developed a new technology which makes it possible to burn biogenic fuels – such as purified used cooking oil – with minimal emissions in standard oil heaters. In order to ensure various different biogenic fuels can be used in future, a standardized testing procedure is to be implemented for these natural fuels. In order to get an appropriate standard in place as soon as possible, Markus Wilke has declared himself willing to play a role in devising this standard in his capacity as an expert. The SNV visited Markus Wilke in his Hotel Vezia near Lugano and spoke to him about his work as an expert and this global first in innovative technology.

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SNV Story No. 1: Accessibility for people with assistance dogs

Katharina Eberle is not only dedicated to her work as Head of Training at the Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind in Allschwil, but has also been active in the world of standardization in her role as an expert since 2017. With a brief picture story, she has documented her work for the SNV while attending an expert meeting in Zagreb in November 2019.

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