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The SNV has over 700 members. In 2021, we will be introducing 12 of them. We will show why these organisations are convinced of the benefits of SNV membership and how standards are involved in their day-to-day work.

SNV Story No. 11: Balthasar

Balthasar is Switzerland’s largest manufacturer and distributor of candles. Everything started in 1939, when the company was founded as a cosmetics producer selling eau de cologne and hair tonic. Back then, its founder, Theo Balthasar, personally collected the birch sap for his well-known birch hair tonic. As demand for additional products, such as lipsticks, nail varnishes, powders, creams, bath salts and shampoos, grew, so did the catalogue. Back to candles: Balthasar is a long-standing member of the SNV Swiss Association for Standardization. One of the purposes of standardization work is to ensure that the candles meet all relevant safety requirements.

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SNV Story No. 10: CERN

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. The scientists at CERN aim to uncover the fundamental laws of the universe. To give non-physicists an insight into this complex subject, the SNV Swiss Association for Standardization spoke to three different experts on the subjects of software development, robotics and fibre optics and how they affect our everyday lives.

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SNV Story No. 9: Certx

At CertX, it all comes down to safety and security. As the first Swiss certification body for functional safety and cybersecurity, CertX plays a key role in ensuring that products and processes are reliable. A wide range of standards serve as the foundation for their work and their customers’ certifications. As a member of SNV, CertX is greatly involved in the development of standards, and therefore it is no surprise that standardization work is a fixed part of their employees job descriptions and is expressly stipulated by management.

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SNV Story No. 8: Zurich Forensic Science Institute

What do you think of when you think of «forensics»? A crime scene, a mysterious case and a «supercop» who will solve the mystery at the end? Reality looks a little different. Dr Michael Bovens from the Zurich Forensic Science Institute (Forensisches Institut Zürich – FOR) sets the record straight: «The skills you often see a single, fictional «supercop» display are actually distributed among many of us who work here.» There is a huge range of tasks that might need to be done on any given day, so every day is different. The Zurich Forensic Science Institute (FOR) is particularly proud of the quality of its work. As the leading forensic science institute in Switzerland, authorities from other cantons and even other countries often seek the support of FOR. The Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) spoke to Dr Michael Bovens about the institute, its work and its involvement in the standardization committee on Forensic Science: ISO/TC 272.

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SNV Story No. 7: DSM

Summer, sun and the beach … the time has finally come. But the sun can also have its darker side, says Dr Jürgen Vollhardt from DSM. It is a mood enhancer, essential to vitamin D production, and even helps to lower blood pressure. At the same time, however, we’ve probably all come home from a holiday with sunburn as a souvenir at one time or other, and know the pain and after-effects that come with it. While our holiday memories slowly fade once we get back into everyday life, our skin will remember each ray of sunshine for years to come. Skin cancer numbers continue to rise, with Switzerland having the dubious distinction of being No. 1 in Europe.

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SNV Story No. 6: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

What does the term «Traditional Chinese Medicine» (TCM) make you think of? Sharp needles, mysterious herbal recipes, or a holistic approach to health and well-being and even disease prevention? An approach to medicine that follows the laws of nature has many faces, all of which have one thing in common: their effectiveness has been proven over a period of millennia, and today they work hand in hand with conventional, Western medicine. The Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) spoke to TCM Professor Yiming Li and his team about TCM and standards. And to finish off we have three Chinese health tips to help you through the summer and the heat.

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SNV Story No. 5: METAS

«Metrology?» – Is that where you try to forecast the weather? No, it isn’t. The word metrology is often confused with meteorology. METAS is the Swiss competence centre for all questions relating to measurement, measuring equipment and measuring procedures. There’s a tendency to think that this particular science takes place in a manner somehow far removed from everyday life – but this impression is wrong. In our daily lives, we all benefit in one way or another from a world that can be precisely measured. We met Dr Jürg Niederhauser and Dr Peter Blattner in Wabern. In a video interview, the two explain what METAS does and demonstrate the importance of standardization on the national and international level. Join us in taking a glance behind the scenes of the Optics Laboratory and find out how LED technology is even capable of increasing our comfort in the office.

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SNV Story No. 4: Association for the Condom Quality Seal

The Association for the Condom Quality Seal ensures the quality of condoms and awards the popular «OK» Quality Seal used throughout Switzerland. In order to apply for the «OK» Quality Seal and import condoms to Switzerland, condom manufacturers must first satisfy requirements set out in the harmonized standard for condoms SN EN ISO 4074:2016. Learn more about the founding of the Association, how condoms are tested and the role of the Swiss musician Polo Hofer in our interview with Dr Johannes Gauglhofer, who is responsible for processing quality tests at the Association for the Condom Quality Seal.

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SNV Story No. 3: Touring Club Schweiz (TCS)

TCS is seen as the ultimate Swiss institution when it comes to mobility. The organization has been dealing with issues related to moving people for 125 years. Nearly every adult knows that they can call TCS if their vehicle breaks down and that the vehicle test ratings of TCS can be relied on. Consumers in the media throughout Switzerland consider its independent testing reports of vehicles, tyres and child seats a reliable and convincing source of information. In this article, we would like to show why the TCS test team comes into contact with standards practically every day.

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SNV Story No. 2: Swisspod Technologies SA

Swisspod is a Swiss transportation technology company, founded in 2019, leading the development of the most sustainable, efficient and comprehensive Hyperloop solution that will enhance connectivity between people and cities. In an interview with Gila Cohen Kropf from Swisspod Technologies, we will dive into this fascinating idea and how they will make it happen.

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SNV Story No. 1: Mammut Sports Group AG

Mammut’s success story got its start more than 155 years ago in Aargau, when Kaspar Tanner founded a rope goods factory in Lenzburg, initially to supply the agricultural sector. However, today’s mountaineering ropes made of premium materials have little in common with the oversized hemp twines of the time. Mammut now offers not only ropes but also other equipment, including shoes and clothing. The globally popular brand manufactures products according to international standards. As a long-standing partner of the Swiss Standards Association (SNV), Mammut plays an active role in standardization work.

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