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Starting in 2020, we will profile a cross section of our experts. We will be focusing on the expertise of the people behind the standards. Find out exactly which subjects the SNV experts work on and how their work results in standards being published. These are just some of the things that will be revealed in the new SNV stories. We hope you enjoy them!

SNV Story No. 2: Will we soon be heating with purified used cooking oil?

The Ticino-based environmental scientist Markus Wilke has developed a new technology which makes it possible to burn biogenic fuels – such as purified used cooking oil – with minimal emissions in standard oil heaters. In order to ensure various different biogenic fuels can be used in future, a standardized testing procedure is to be implemented for these natural fuels. In order to get an appropriate standard in place as soon as possible, Markus Wilke has declared himself willing to play a role in devising this standard in his capacity as an expert. The SNV visited Markus Wilke in his Hotel Vezia near Lugano and spoke to him about his work as an expert and this global first in innovative technology.

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SNV Story No. 1: Accessibility for people with assistance dogs

Katharina Eberle is not only dedicated to her work as Head of Training at the Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind in Allschwil, but has also been active in the world of standardization in her role as an expert since 2017. With a brief picture story, she has documented her work for the SNV while attending an expert meeting in Zagreb in November 2019.

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