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Only up-to-date standards bring success

It is of the utmost importance for the success of a company that employees always have the latest standards at hand. Fast access to the constantly changing standards documents has become an indispensable part of every innovation and quality management strategy. Would you like to sit back more often in future and hand over the task of updating your set of standards? Then our SNV standards subscriptions are just right for you. With the help of a subscription you can be sure that you will have the latest standards available at all times, without requiring much effort on your part as we do the work for you.

One less worry: thanks to SNV standards subscriptions

And this is how you benefit from an SNV standards subscription:

Always have the latest standard in use

Reliable information about new and withdrawn standards with advice on replacements

Less workload

Safe and compliant work

Also suitable for monitoring of ICS subject groups*

* ICS is the abbreviation for International Classification of Standards. It refers to a classification system developed in international cooperation under the supervision of ISO. It comprises 40 subject areas, which are divided into 1100 subject groups. With ICS it is possible to arrange standards according to formal and content-based criteria. ICS is used in standardization worldwide. All relevant catalogues and databases are structured according to ICS.

This is how you can get your standards subscription in three steps:

Prepare the following information for your list of standards:

Document number + year of issue + language
For example: SN EN ISO 9001:2015 in English

Details of subscription type:

Information subscription or update subscription (automatic delivery)

Send us this information by using the form.

This is how you can get your ICS subject group subscription in three steps:

Prepare the following information about the ICS subject group:

Number of the ICS subject group + rules filter
For example: ICS subject group number 13, ISO + DIN + SN

Details of subscription type:

Information subscription or update subscription (automatic delivery)

Send us this information by using the form.

Only information or automatic updating?

You can choose between these two standards subscriptions:

SNV information subscription – automatically monitored

If you only want to receive monthly updates on the latest status of your standards, select the SNV information subscription. The SNV information subscription checks on a monthly basis whether your standards portfolio or entire subject areas (ICS subject groups) are up to date. You are conveniently informed about changes by e-mail.

SNV update subscription – automatically delivered

If you need to automate the monitoring of your standards, you should opt for an SNV update subscription. With the SNV update subscription, you are not only informed on a monthly basis about changes in your standards portfolio or in your subject area (ICS subject group), you also automatically receive the updated documents via download, CD or hard copy.

Other software solutions that you can use to update your set of standards:


e-NORM is a web-based document management system for updating, making available and managing standards and quality assurance documents. It provides a basis for the worldwide use of standards in companies, and offers a wide range of functions that enable a reliable use of the documents.


Perinorm is a reference database which assists you in searching for and managing standards and technical rules. Perinorm includes databases from 29 countries and offers users fast and targeted access to documents from European and international standards organizations with a total of around 2.1 million data records.

IHS Engineering Workbench

IHS Engineering Workbench is a worldwide knowledge and standards database which helps you to quickly find solutions to technical challenges in the fields of R&D, mechanical engineering or construction technology. The database combines different sources of information in order to optimize collaboration among teams. This allows employees to work more productively and to bring innovations to the market more quickly, which ultimately results in an increase in a company’s profits.

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