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How modern standards management works

Would you like to make your standards management safer and more transparent, or are you keen to reduce the administrative outlay for standards, guidelines and publications in your company? Today there are high requirements for managing and researching standards. They have to be quickly available in a well-controlled manner, and this for many users at various locations. Keeping your standards portfolio fully up to date is a prerequisite for reliable work, and topics such as conformity with ISO 9001, product liability or copyright and licensing rights also play a major role.

This is what modern standards management looks like

We offer you the following solutions for your standards portfolio:



Knowledge database




Would you like to optimize your standards management? We will be happy to show you a combination of our products tailored to your company in a personal discussion and prepare an individual offer for you.


These solutions make it easier for you to manage your standards portfolio:

SNV standards subscription

Do you know our SNV standards subscriptions? With an SNV standards subscription you reduce your research outlay, as you always automatically have the latest standards in use. You always act in a legally safe and compliant manner.

Licensing your standards portfolio

We take care of the licensing of your entire set of standards, from checking the handling of rights management to individual recommendations of our products in a personal discussion.


Nautos is a reference database which assists you in searching for and managing standards and technical rules. Nautos includes databases from over 29 countries and offers users a fast and targeted access to documents from European and international standards organizations with a total of around 2.6 million data records.

Accuris Engineering Workbench

Accuris Engineering Workbench is a worldwide knowledge and standards database which helps you to quickly find solutions to technical challenges in the fields of R&D, mechanical engineering or construction technology. The database combines different sources of information in order to optimize collaboration among teams. This allows employees to work more productively and to bring innovations to the market more quickly, which ultimately results in an increase in a company’s profits.

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