e-NORM: the document management system that is simply just right

More transparency, more security, better efficiency: a simple formula that works most effectively with the suitable standards manager. For one thing is clear: the demands on modern standards management are very high. Standards have to be updated as well as tested and approved internally. The documents have to be quickly available in a well-controlled manner, and this for many employees at various locations. This variety of requirements necessitates the use of a central web-based document management system which ensures the distribution, transparency and updating of the document management system regarding standards and QA documents . The solution for this is called e-NORM.

Five benefits of e-NORM at a glance

Standards monitoring:

Your standards are kept automatically up to date.

Document history:

You receive an overview of the historical development of your standards.


There is automatic stamping with date or text.


Management of licenses and copyright is guaranteed.


You possess a differentiated rights management.

What happens if there is no document management system?

Standards management is good – and much better without any risks. The use of incorrect or outdated standards, or non-compliance with standards, can lead to problems such as high costs and license violations, which would be ruled out from the outset by effective checks.

In the absence of a professional document management system you are facing these six types of risk:

  • Costs and risk due to manual management of standards and QA documents
  • Immense claims for damages by the customer
  • Subsequent costs due to required improvements to processes and design
  • Poor evaluation due to inadequate audits
  • Loss of customer orders and sales
  • Lawsuit due to copyright infringement
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