Accuris Engineering Workbench: international knowledge database and standards management platform

In these times of rapid technical change, as an international team you depend on a comprehensive knowledge database and current standards database in order to collaborate more efficiently with your colleagues. With the support of a standards database, processes are simplified, technical problems are solved more quickly and productivity is increased. Innovations reach the stage of marketability in a shorter time, resulting in a direct increase in profits. The international standards management platform Accuris Engineering Workbench serves precisely these requirements by providing its users with an almost inexhaustible source of the latest technical knowledge.

Five advantages of Accuris Engineering Workbench at a glance

Enormous information base:

There are over 90 million international data sets available.

Varied access:

Information on national, European and international standards, technical guidelines, relevant legal regulations, patents, specialist literature, news articles, etc., will be updated continuously.

Increased productivity:

International teams solve problems more quickly thanks to access to more sources of information and a simplification of processes.

Gain in profits:

Greater innovative strength is ensured thanks to faster marketability of the products.

Additional benefits:

Costs for updates and licenses are included and access to ready-made standards packages approved.

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