Nautos: find and manage standards worldwide

As an internationally oriented company with complex products you need rapid research into the current situation of your standards portfolio and technical guidelines. Your employees depend on direct and controlled access to the constantly changing international standards and legal regulations. This is the only way for you to bring innovations to the market more quickly and to open up new markets. As part of your professional quality management, you need documentation to verify at all times that your company is manufacturing in accordance with the latest standards. These high demands on modern international standards management call for a simple solution: it is called Nautos.

Five benefits of Nautos at a glance

Enormous information base:

There are more than 2.1 million international data sets from over 29 countries available.

Varied access:

Information on national, European and international standards, technical guidelines and relevant legal regulations will be updated weekly.

Centralized license management:

Convenient and secure handling of licenses is guaranteed.

Internal ordering process:

Complete handling of purchases is ensured.

High quality assurance:

QM evidence for professional standards management is available.

Fast research: find with Nautos instead of just searching

Nautos research allows for individual and multilingual searches thanks to differentiated fields (document number, issue date, classification, etc.), a free-text search and an expert search. All functions are available in three language versions. Because it is a browser-based software with a uniform interface, you can use the tool as an intranet or online version.

Precisely managed: ideal standards management with Nautos

Nautos offers you all the necessary functions for efficient standards management. Designated sets of standards can be updated automatically. Follow-up documents can be easily ordered online as required. Assign individual documents to user profiles to ensure correct internal handling of the data.

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