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Standards and the law: legally compliant use of standards

Standards are individual intellectual creations of great economic value in our information society. They are subject to copyright in Switzerland and in practically all countries of the world. Infringements against copyright of standards can happen quickly, especially in this age of modern information technologies – often we aren’t even aware of having done anything unlawful. We can say with confidence that it is also important to you to observe the copyright provisions that apply in respect of the standards and regulations used by you. We take care of the licensing of your entire set of standards, from checking the handling of rights management to individual recommendations of our products in a personal discussion.

Put the task of licensing your standards portfolio in our hands

What you can expect from us:

We will check the rights management of your standards for you

We license your international and national collections of standards

We are at your side with one contact person for all questions regarding the legally compliant use of your products

We assist you in positioning your company in a legally compliant manner

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