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Where is the best place to learn about standards in Switzerland? The Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV), where everything related to standards comes together. The SNV opened its own academy in 2001, in order to meet the growing need for qualified education and further training on the topic of standards. Today, it offers over 70 courses taught by 30 lecturers from academia and practice. Best of all, SNV members can get 20 per cent off the participation fee. Sandro Micaglio, Head of the SNV Academy, answered our 11 wh-questions.

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What are the most popular courses at the SNV Academy?
Our success is based on three key pillars. First and foremost are the technical seminars based on ISO GPS. The ISO GPS standards system (GPS = geometrical product specifications) is increasingly establishing itself in development divisions, production and quality assurance. It is a necessary condition for digital transformation and making Industry 4.0 reality. The second key element is the «Internal Auditor» seminar. Here, participants use standards to learn how to consistently implement the necessary testing procedures, pass them and become successfully certified. The third pillar consists of our quality management seminars based on the most relevant standard in this area: SN EN ISO 9001:2015.
Which seminars have become more attractive over the past year?
One of our most popular courses right now is «Streamlined QM documentation». Taught by Stefanie Gertz, this seminar is usually booked out months in advance. On top of this, our new half-day digital seminars have proven very popular recently. Participants like this focused way of learning, as they can plan the seminars easily into their schedule while working from home.
What is it that makes the SNV seminars special?
Our seminars are all based on a single standard. Even if the learning content is not directly related to that of the standard, the standard always forms the foundation of the seminar.
What is your target group?
Anyone who is interested in the respective topic and wants to implement what they learn in practice, whether at national or international level. In terms of professional positions, our participants range from apprentices to CEOs.
What types of courses are available?
The SNV Academy offers individual courses at five locations in Switzerland and online, as well as in the form of company seminars that take place at the customers’ premises. Company courses for technical businesses are becoming increasingly attractive, as they are a highly efficient way of training the entire team at once. Thanks to our online seminars, we are also becoming a more interesting option for companies in Germany, who hear about our courses from their Swiss branches. The growth in online formats caused by the pandemic has therefore opened up new markets for us.
What are the latest additions to your range of courses?
We are currently finalizing our first e-learning course with two modules: «The basics of standardization» and «The path to a standard», which will be available in the coming months. The two 20-minute modules convey standards expertise in a compact and interactive way.
Which lecturers will participants meet in the SNV Academy?
Our lecturers are well-educated and experienced specialists who work with us as freelancers. Alongside their teaching activities, they act as independent consultants, work on expert committees or serve on the management boards of leading companies. We are lucky enough to have such qualified lecturers apply to us directly and help shape the SNV Academy with their expertise and enthusiasm.
What kind of partnerships does the SNV Academy maintain?
We cooperate with universities across Switzerland. One example of this is our partnership with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in energy and risk management. We also maintain partnerships with leading industrial associations and European standardization organizations. Thanks to its network, the SNV Academy has excellent connections in Switzerland and beyond, and is always up to date with the latest developments.
How will the SNV Academy develop in future?
Our future is digital. Participants will increasingly develop their foundational knowledge on a self-study basis, before gaining specific expertise, discussing practical issues and maintaining international dialogue through our seminars. This encourages intensive knowledge transfer in a short period. Hybrid solutions with modern equipment will enable students attending in person and remotely to learn together.
What certifications does the SNV Academy have?
We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and have also received the EduQua quality label in continuing education and training. We were audited at the end of 2021 by a SQS auditor and successfully recertified.
And finally: Who are the people behind the SNV Academy?
We are a diverse team with three completely different personalities who complement each other perfectly. This lets us approach our work with a dynamic creativity every day. By being close to both our course participants and lecturers, we help bring standardization work to life.
Christof Schönenberger Academy Seminar Coordinator E-Mail +41 52 224 54 36
Maria Mancuso Academy Seminar Coordinator E-Mail +41 52 224 54 10
Martin Stähelin Head of Academy E-Mail +41 52 224 54 58
Pascale Gnehm Academy Seminar Coordinator E-Mail +41 52 224 54 40
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