About SNV

The SNV is a provider of information services driven by the future. The SNV defends the interests of business and society in Switzerland and works for their benefit.

As a direct representative of global and European standardization efforts (through the ISOISO
International Organization for Standardization
European Committee for Standardization
respectively), the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) is Switzerland’s interface with various other national and international standards networks.
Thus the SNV plays an important role in bridging the gap between standardization experts and users of standards.

The SNV:

  • promotes self-regulation: the SNV’s main activity is standardization. Swiss, European and international standards are developed in direct cooperation with users. This process is to ensure that the standards will generate permanent benefits. At the same time, it is aimed at abolishing unnecessary regulations and preventing meaningless ones. This standardization process, accessible to all, addressed the needs of the world of technology and the services sector.
  • makes flexible and customer-driven use of pre-defined processes: professional standardization is based on internationally recognized processes. Self-regulation can be a sensible complement to legislation only if it follows these processes. Proper handling of standardization business calls for skills and experience. The SNV makes these skills available to Swiss business and society.
  • provides information and support: the SNV assists you in keeping on track when wading through the thickets of laws, regulations and directives. The idea is to promote clear understanding of the global requirements for marketable products and services.