Technical committees

The SNV’s technical committees (TCs) give you an opportunity to contribute in the interest of your corporate strategy, to make useful demands and to prevent unfairness.
To get started, no expert skills are required. It is entirely up to you to control the intensity of your contribution. You may:

  • Gather information
    Knowledge gives you an edge, especially in developing new products and services! Obtain information on current standards and their contents.
  • Become actively involved and contribute to consensus-building
    Active involvement will get you a competitive edge! Take part in the work of the technical committees (TCs) of the Swiss Association for Standardization. Express your views on the draft standards, and exert influence on their contents.
  • Share the editorial work involved in drafting standards
    As an expert in your field, you can help to shape draft standards in national, European or worldwide working groups, thus leaving a lasting mark on the contents of standards. SNV membership is a prerequisite for active involvement in a technical committee (TCTC
    Technical Committee