Save the date: The CEN-CENELEC StandarDays 2016

StandarDays training course gives you the opportunity to:

  • participate in a 2-day training given by European experts
  • understand the role and advantages of European Standards
  • learn about the process of making European Standards
  • hear how businesses can benefit from using standards
  • discover current and upcoming trends in standardization
  • explore the international context of European Standards
  • find out what the link is between legislation and standardization
  • meet standardization experts from CEN and CENELEC
  • get answers to your questions about European Standards
  • network with other participants interested in standardization

All participants in StandarDays will also receive a certificate, to show that they have completed this training in European standardization.

Click here to go to the registration website to discover the programme and see how you can register for StandarDays.

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