National standards

There are country-specific circumstances and guidelines that prevent adoption of internationally recognized standards. Take for example SNSN
Swiss Standard
010130, the Swiss standard governing letter formats, which is mainly driven by Swiss Post’s corporate logistics. And there are other areas where standards apply at a national level only.
National standards must be in agreement with national legislation. This helps to produce a combined set of rules that takes into account user interests.
In recent years, international standards have been pushed to the fore by the continuous spread of global trade while national standards have increasingly lost significance.

Specialist areas
National standardization is ensured by the following organizations in Switzerland:

Swiss Information and Communications Technology Association
asut is the industrial association of Swiss telecom providers (hardware, software, integrators).


Association for Electrical Engineering, Power
and Information Technologies
Electrosuisse is the recognized organisation for information, energy and electrical engineering. The Comité Electrotechnique Suisse (CESCES
Comité Electrotechnique Suisse
), located inside Electrosuisse, is responsible for electrotechnology standardization in Switzerland.


Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industries
Swissmem (ASM and VSM) is the leading representative of the Swiss machine, electrical and metal industry (MEM industry).


Swiss association of engineers and architects
Swiss association of engineers and architects
is the leading professional organization for qualified professionals in the fields of construction, technology and the environment.


Swiss Association of Road and Transport Experts
Swiss association of road and transport experts
is the federation of specialists, companies and institutions that deal with the planning, project creation, construction, operation, maintenance, use and dismantling of transport systems.


Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH
Bureau des normes de l'industrie horlogère suisse
is the leading professional organization of the Swiss watch industry.